The new and user-friendly app to control Gaposa-powered roller shades, screens, shutters and lights.

RollApp - Domotics by Gaposa

Control your Gaposa motorized shades with your iPhone or Android device from anywhere!

By using the Gaposa RollApp your Gaposa powered shades, zip screens, blinds, awnings, rolling shutters, and more can be operated anywhere, anytime and designed with your best experience in mind.

Convenient control of your 100% Italian made Gaposa motors with the RollApp will allow you to organize your shades into rooms and select favorite rooms, set day/night schedules to automate daylight management, and use your voice to operate your shades with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers and products.

Controlling your motorized shades has never been easier.

The Gaposa RollApp possesses many features to make controlling your Gaposa motorized products easier and worry-free:

-          Control up to 32 different Gaposa motorized products from the app from anywhere you are.

-          Create as many rooms as you want.

-          Create up to 6 favorite rooms that can be easily accessed from the home screen. 

-          Easily control your shades from the room page with control for UP, STOP, DOWN, and PRESET position.

-          Set limits from the app. Synchronize motors with the app easily with no need for an existing remote.

-          Set up to 10 schedules. Each schedule can automate Up, Down, and Preset commands, and have them repeat every day of the week or none of them.

-          Schedules can utilize your location to set your shades to go up or down with the sun.

-          Schedules can be enabled or disabled so you can make a schedule for when you are away and disable it when you are home.

-          Light and Dark Mode options to change the app background.

The Gaposa RollApp requires a RollApp hub that is connected to your home network and one or more Gaposa Radio Motors. The Gaposa RollApp hub is available from any Gaposa dealer.