AUTONOMO - The solar motor

autonomo: the solar motor
100% made in italy

AUTONOMO is the solar motor developed by GAPOSA. A green solution for the motorization of rolling shutters, awnings and zip screens.

  • Eco-sustainable motorized system
  • Safe, long life, charger-free battery technology
  • Wireless power and control cables
  • Plug and play full package: motor, battery and solar panel, all pre-wired for quick connections
A green alternative solution with a lot of benefits:
  • No wiring to electrical power line
  • Saving in energy costs
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick installation

Solar energy technology has greatly evolved during the last few years and it is clearly part of our everyday lives today. Gaposa has designed a completely autonomous motor with a specific algorithm for power management of the energy captured by the solar panel and stored in the battery. The Gaposa R&D team has tuned the best combination of battery capacity and solar panel peak power for an efficient and long lasting solution.