Does Gaposa assemble awnings, shades or shutters?
Gaposa only develops and assembles motors, transmitters and domotics for residential, commercial and industrial closures. These motors and domotics are supplied to awnings, shades or shutters assemblers which integrate them before selling a finished product.

Is Gaposa’s production Italian?
All Gaposa motors are 100% manufactured in Italy at the Fermo factory, where they are also individually tested.

Where can I buy your products?
Regardless if you are an installer or an individual, you can simply fill out the form in the "Contacts" page or in the “Search for distributor/installer” link and an answer will follow. Distributors or important installers can contact us directly to purchase our products with no intermediaries.

Home automation

What is the difference between a wired and a radio installation?
In a wired installation, the command to the motor is sent via electric cables. In the radio system, the commands are transmitters via radio waves without the need for electric wires between the motor and the user interface. The control is then mobile which will allow you to control your motorized products from a few meters. The installation is faster with radio motors since there is no need for a wired switch, preventing any installation damage to your walls.

Can I change my wired motor to radio?
Yes, all you need is to add an external radio receiver to the motor.

Is it possible to control simultaneously different motors?
Yes you can. You can use multi-channel transmitters or relays for a central command (wired installation).

How much does a tubular motor cost?
The cost depends on many factors: size of the shutter/awning/shade, friction situation, control options... Your certified partner will give you an estimate according to your requirements.

Commercial and Industrial automation

What can I add to increase the safety factor of my installation?
Gaposa offers a wide range of safety products including electronic accessories such as safety beams, flashing lights and mechanical safety brakes.

Are lateral operators equipped with integrated safety brakes?
All motors from the SidOne range are supplied as standard with an integrated safety brake. For special installations, for example chain drive, the SidOne motor is supplied without an integrated safety brake but with a stand-alone safety brake.