The main target of Gaposa is customer satisfaction, from the assembler to the installer including the end user. To attain this target, we look for excellence in our products and in the company processes. In this perspective, Gaposa management has invested in an integrated quality management system:

Quality regulation compliance. Gaposa commits to guarantee that all its activities and products comply with people and environmental laws and security regulations (Europe).

Respect of market expectations. Products and services must answer to all customer expectations in terms of price and performance

Efficiency. Gaposa imposes on itself the continuous improvement of the company processes to reduce operating costs and increase investments in innovation technology and training.

Supply Chain control. All components coming from outside suppliers and destined for production are to be controlled and must comply with product ordered characteristics.

Contribution and Communication. Company procedures on quality must be promoted and illustrated on all levels of the company activity, including inside with company employees or external with distributors, sales staff and suppliers.

Reactivity. Good stock management must insure the processing of orders in ever shorter delivery times. At the same time all possible complaints must follow an analytical and corrective action plan.

Gaposa Management commits to scrutinize at all times the correct execution of its quality control policy.

Product certifications